Internet Of Thing for Smart Society & Homes


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Internet Of Things For Smart Society & Home


Internet of thing is playing a very important role in our world. Day by day everything is getting connected with this platform. The idea behind the IOT is to monitor the devices and to provide the efficient solution so that the efficiency of the device can be increased as well as the things can be better if these are under the observation. By this platform you don’t need to manually check anything, it will directly provide the status and solution of anything happening in your city, society or in your home. The best part of IOT is that you can monitor your device from anywhere anytime because these devices will be connected through internet. The best part of this workshop is that the students will learn about AVR Microcontroller and Raspberry PI platform also.

Workshop Content16 Hours, 16 Experiments

DayContent To be CoveredDuration
First Session

What is IOT?

Brief introduction to embedded system & robotics

Job opportunities and future scope

Introduction to AVR Microcontroller family

Interfacing techniques of I/O peripherals

Software Installation

Interfacing of Led with MCU

Experiment 1: Led Blinking and many other patterns

How to receive any data in real-time from external device?

What is communication protocol?

Use and benefits of using serial communication protocol i.e. UART

Driver installation for serial devices

Experiment 2: How to call the user defined library in current program.

Interfacing of USB to TTL device.

Experiment 3: Real time response of key-board of laptop

4 Hours
Day-1Lunch Break45 Min. 
Second Session

Introduction to sensor readings technique

Types of sensors

Use of Analog to digital converters i.e. ADC

Experiment 4: Read the value of any analogous behavior sensor like temperature, humidity etc. and send it through serial ports.

Interfacing of Relay Board

Experiment 5: Controlling Bulb/ AC appliances from MCU.

Experiment 6: Controlling Bulb/ AC appliances from laptop.

4 Hours
Third Session

Introduction to mobile network / wireless techniques

Difference b/w GSM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet and X-bee communication.

Use of GSM in mobile networking

Experiment 7: How to access GSM features without programming

Experiment 8: How to make calls and messaging through GSM module

What is TCP/IP communication

How to use internet from modem using programming

Introduction to interrupts techniques for faster and safest communication

Experiment 9: Verification of mobile network strength

4 Hours
Day-2Lunch Break45 Min.
Fourth Session

Introduction to cloud

Benefits of cloud and cloud platforms for IOT

Experiment 10: Communication of GSM to cloud server.

Experiment 11: Sending the real time sensor values to cloud servers.

Introduction to Raspberry PI Platform

Experiment 12: How to install OS on Raspberry

Experiment 13: How to send E-mail from Raspberry

Experiment 14: How to access Webcam through Raspberry

Experiment 15: How to access the social media app ID

Experiment 16: Sending the values to social media app and post the status of your device on your dashboard.

4 Hours

Components to Be provided

SL. No.ComponentsQuantity
1Atmega8/328 Development Board1
2AVR Programmer1
3 sensor1
4GSM Module1
5Relay Board1
6220V/ 15 W Electric Bulb with wire connector1
7(-) type Screw driver1
8USB to TTL Module1
912/9 V, 1.5 A DC Adapter1
10Connecting wiresAs per req.


1- Kit will be shared in a group of 5 people.
2-Raspberry Pi Kit will be just for demo applications which will be shown by trainer

Workshop Prerequisites

  1. Students must be able to understand English apart from local language.
  2. They must know the basics of electronics and electrical s circuits.
  3. They must have knowledge of C programming.
  4. There must be at least one laptop if performing in group.
  5. Windows OS will be preferable for laptop.
  6. Students must have their sim-card with internet for performing IOT practicals.

Learning from this workshop for participants

  1. They will get to know about benefits of IOT and its platform.
  2. Hands on experience on mobile communication commands.
  3. Hands on experience on GSM along with microcontroller and external peripherals.
  4. They will be having hands on experience on current trending topic.
  5. They will get all the basic knowledge required for any project on embedded platform.
  6. They can implement any kind of project by taking benefit of this for advanced projects.
  7. They will get the practical experience of hardware stuffs.
  8. They will be able to interface any kind of input /output peripherals with microcontrollers.
  9. Integration of programming on hardware tools.

Benefits from company

  1. Students will get the certificate from Autronicals™ Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
  2. Goodies will be distributed during questionnaires.
  3. Students can get the benefit of company in future for their projects and ideas.
  4. They can get the internship from company in future.
  5. Company also provides placement services based on knowledge and caliber of student.
  6. They can purchase any robotics components online from anywhere.
  7. They can get online / telephonic support for any query of projects.