Solar Technology

Know our solar energy and its utilization, Various approaches of utilizing solar energy by theortical and practical methods.


  • Basics of solar energy and its utilization
  • Various approaches of utilizing solar energy
  • Blackbody radiation
  • Basic parameters of the Sun – The origin of solar energy – Rotation and orbital motion of the Earth around the Sun, Solar time, sidereal
  • Time, universal and local standard time, Equation of time – Intensity of sunlight on an arbitrary surface at any time – Interaction with the atmosphere
  • Absorption of the molecules – Air mass – Rayleigh scattering – Direct and scattered sunlight.



  • Formation of a pn – junction – Space charge and internal field – Quasi – Fermi levels – The Shockley diode equation
  • Structure of a solar cell – The solar cell equation – Fill factor and maximum power
  • Various electron – hole-pair recombination mechanisms – Crystalline silicon solar cells – Thin film solar cells: CIGS, Cite and a – silicon – Tandem solar cells – Dye – sensitized solar cells – Organic solar cells



Three types of imaging optics: trough or linear collectors, central receiver with heliostats, and parabolic dish concentrator with on – axis tracking- Solar thermal electricity using Stirling engine or Ranking engine – Solar photovoltaic’s with concentration.



Necessity of storage for solar energy- Chemical energy storage – Thermal energy storage – Thermal

Flywheels – Compressed air- Rechargeable batteries


To generate consciousness on routine usages of solar energy gadgets/ industrial utilities

  1. Solar Radiation Measurements
  2. Solar energy based bulb, fan, charger,
  3. Solar Water Heater
  4. Solar Cookers