Our GPS Tracking Platform Supports all GPS Trackers used worldwide.

Our GPS Tracking Platform Supports all GPS Trackers used worldwide.

  • Can I check vehicle’s live location during the movement also?

Ans- Yes, you can see the vehicle’s live location on your mobile phone or laptop anytime even if the vehicle is moving.

  • How do I know if my vehicle comes in my area or going outside?

Ans- You can mark the particular area or home so that whenever your vehicle enter in that zone you get notification/ alert on your phone. Same condition applies when the vehicle going outside.

  • Where is the tracker installed in the vehicle? Is it visible if installed in my vehicle?

Ans- Our technicians install the GPS tracker in the hidden area so that no one else can see the GPS tracker.

  • What is immobilizer?

Ans- Immobilizer is the functionality of device through which you can stop the car from anywhere. It will not start until you resume it.


  • What is the use of SOS?

Ans- SOS feature is for emergency SMS alert which is sent on the registered numbers which shows current location along with map link and speed so that owner should be aware that the person who is driving the vehicle is in trouble this time.

  • Do I got to know if driver remove the GPS tracker?

Ans- Yes, you get the notification on your phone if someone remove the GPS tracker from vehicle.

  • Can I check the previous day’s route covered by vehicle?

Ans- Yes, you can check last 3 months route playback on your laptop and 7 days playback on mobile phone.

  • Does the GPS effect on battery of vehicle?

Ans- No, there is no issue using the GPS tracker in the vehicle. It doesn’t effect on the performance of battery. But if you are not driving your car from long time like 1 month, then it may drain the battery.

  • Can I stop my car from my mobile phone when the vehicle is in moving condition?

Ans- Yes you can stop the vehicle from anywhere just by one tap on application but the speed must be less than 20 km/h. If the speed is more than 20 km/h then as soon as the speed goes down then the vehicle will automatically be stopped. It will not start until you resume to normal condition.

  • Can I use temperature sensing and fuel level detection together?

Ans-No, either temperature sensing or fuel level detection is possible through the analog input(if only one input is there) available in this device.

  • What types of alert we get?

Ans- you get many alerts like engine (ignition) on off, over-speeding, geo-fencing, power cut-off, fuel theft, network loss alerts and many more.

  • Can I use this GPS tracker for my bike?

Ans- Yes you can use this GPS tracker for bike. But why should you pay extra if you can go for another device of the same build quality at less rate. You should prefer for GVT03, it will fulfill your requirement.

  • What is two way calling?

Ans- Two way calling is basically for communication between the driver and the owner. If driver or owner wants to talk through gps tracker then he just need to make call on the device and both can talk. GVT400 has the two way calling feature but you need to connect mic and speaker along with calling sim.

  • How many camera can be used? Why can’t we use RFID along with the camera?

Ans- A single camera can be connected with GVT400 device. It has only single RS 232 port through which you can either connect camera or RFID or biometric scanner.

  • Where are the images stored taken by camera? How long it can be stored?

Ans- Pictures taken by camera are stored on GPS champ platform. You can check the images of past 3 months.

  • How do I got to know when somebody tow my car?

Ans- If someone tow your car then first thing you can see that the vehicle’s engine is already in off condition and you also get the speed value without the start of vehicle. SO based on these two factor you can get tow alert.

  • Can I use multiple camera and RFID together?

Ans- Yes you can connect multiple camera together as the GVT600 has multi com box which has 4 RS 232 ports through which you can connect either 4 camera or 3 camera,1 RFID or 2 camera , 2 RFID respectively.

  • What is the use of Driver Behavior?

Ans- Driver behavior functionality let the owner know, how exactly the driver is driving the vehicle. Because of the driver behavior functionality device sends some information like harsh acceleration, harsh cornering, harsh breaking etc.

  • What is I-Button?

Ans- I-Button is similar to RFID in terms of functionality. It looks in the form of button and each I button can supports multiple user tags.

  • Can I control my vehicle using biometric sensor?

Ans- Yes, biometric sensor can be used for both purposes i.e. attendance marking, vehicle control. Until you don’t put the finger on biometric sensor, vehicle will not start.

  • Where is OBD tracker installed?

Ans- OBD tracker is installed in the OBD port available in almost every vehicles. For more safety extension wire of OBD can be used so that you can hide the OBD tracker.

  • Does it work when vehicle is parked and not running?

Ans- Yes it work in normal condition whether the engine is start or off. You can track the vehicle anytime from the app.

  • Can I stop the vehicle remotely using OBD?

Ans- No, you can not stop the vehicle remotely by this OBD tracker.

  • Do I get OBD remove alert?

Ans- Yes, you get the OBD removal alert when someone remove the OBD. Device has the internal battery which helps to do so.

  • Is it safe to use the personal tracker for kids?

Ans- Yes, It is completely safe to use. Even it is increasing the safety of the kids. You can check their location if they are outside home.

  • What is the use of one way calling?

Ans- One way calling functionality is given to listen the surrounding of your kids. You just have to make call on the device.

  • Can I see the route of my child?

Ans- Yes you can see the route travelled by your child. You can also set a particular route and if he deviate from the route you will get the alert.

  • How long personal tracker can work once fully charged?

Ans- It can work for 24-48 hours once fully charged. It can work for 100 hours in standby mode.

  • How can I fix pet tracker to my dog?

Ans- We provide a strap along with the GPS tracker through which you can tight the GPS tracker around the neck very easily

  • What is the use of magnet charging?

Ans- With the help of magnet charging you can charge the device from the bottom surface of device just by putting charger connector on device. You don’t need to insert any cable in the tracker.

  • What is the benefit of Geo-fence for pet tracker?

Ans- You can mark a particular zone or area where you keep your pet free to move. Once your pet will go outside that area you get the notification/alert so that you can go exactly where your pet is going.

  • What is the battery capacity of asset tracker and how long it can work?

Ans- It has 5000 mAh Battery which can work for 7-10 days properly once fully charged.

  • Is it waterproof asset tracker?

Ans- Yes it is waterproof asset tracker.

  • Is there any vibration or fall alert?

Ans- Yes, it has vibration sensor which senses the vibration. If the tracker fall down you get tracker fall down alert.


  • What is the battery capacity of advanced asset tracker and how long it can work?

Ans- It has 10000 mAh Battery which can work for 15-20 days properly once fully charged.

  • What is purpose of magnet body?

Ans- Magnetic hard ABS body is given to stick the device on metal either below the chair, in bonnet.

  • Does asset tracker work same as vehicle tracker?

Ans- No, It is not same as vehicle tracker. It is a wireless tracker. There is no need of installation so if you keep this tracker in the vehicle you can just see the movement and geo-fencing alerts.


When you try to connect any device , make sure that the following conditions are satisfied.

  • Check that your SIM has sufficient credit/balance and that the SIM is enabled and activated for GPRS. Test this by putting the SIM into a cell phone and browse some web sites over GPRS. (Note that some operators require you to call them to activate the SIM for GPRS).
  • Make sure that the PIN code on the SIM is deactivated.
  • Check in object list that the device IMEI is correct.
  • Check that you are using the correct APN. Ask your operator what APN to use with your SIM. Operators sometimes change an APN.
  • Check if there is a username/password needed for the APN.
  • Wait for the device to get a satellite fix, this can take some time (and is best achieved outdoors with clear sky).
  • Check that the device has a network connection (GPRS status is indicated on most GPS devices).

Note: If you are using the Autronicals’s GPS Models, you don’t need to configure any IP or Port or APN. Our devices are pre-configured and it can directly work on the tracking platform. You just need to make proper connections.

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