Educational Projects

Design your major/minor college projects

Educational Projects

Now, you can design your minor and major projects by taking the help of our experts. They will guide you to design your required project. We provide the support for following types of projects:

Embedded Systems & Robotics


Artificial Intelligence

Visual C# and .NET

Website designing

IOT and Cloud platform

If you have your own idea about project then you can contact us.

There are some list of projects for what students had shown their interest:

  • SMS Based Patient Monitoring System
  • Intelligent Embedded Control Warning System For Car Reversing
  • Bio Metric Authentication System For Foyer Accessing
  • Voice Controlled Robot
  • Intelligent Lighting System For Exhibition Applications
  • Line Sensing Robotic Car
  • Mobile Based Robot
  • Vehicle monitoring Using GSM Technology
  • Vehicle Information Communication Safety
  • Mobile Embedded Systems For Home Care Applications
  • Multi-Functional Water Level Controller
  • Remote Controlled Robot
  • Voice Aided System
  • Solar Operated Robot
  • Motion Operated Scrolling Display For LED Panel
  • Solar Mobile Charger
  • Moving Person Detection System Using Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Microcontroller Based Spy Robot
  • Cellphone Based Speed Control of the Motor
  • Modern Traffic System with Camera
  • Multipurpose Student Smart Card
  • Intelligent Traffic Controller System
  • Finger Print Based Voting Machine
  • GPS Based Target Sensing System
  • Prepaid Energy Meter
  • Autonomous Vehicle with Obstacle Detection
  • Wireless Temperature Analyser and Controller
  • Heartbeat Classification Using Feature Selection
  • RTC Based Timer For Motor Control
  • Battery Charger with Auto Cutoff
  • RFID Based Book Tracking System For Libraries
  • Mobile Tracking System Using GPS
  • RFID BASED Security System AND Intruder Information Sharing
  • Smart Home Monitoring System
  • Pedestrian Collision Avoidance
  • GSM Based Library Token System
  • Wireless Temperature Analyzer
  • RFID Technology in Parking Lot Access System
  • Automatic Light Dim Dip Controller
  • Automatic Auditorium Controller
  • Voice Controlled Stepper Motor
  • Gesture Control
  • Automatic Room Light Controller
  • AVR Based Smart Electricity Meter
  • Finger Print Based Security System
  • Automatic Gate Controller
  • Electricity Theft Identification System
  • Door Control Using Finger Print Scanner
  • Energy Meter Rate Display
  • Door Control Using RFID
  • GPRS Based Visitor Counter
  • Bluetooth Based Temperature Management
  • GPRS Based Wireless Home Security System
  • Device Control with Password Protection
  • Embedded Based Automatic College Bell System
  • Finger Print Based Car Starting System
  • Detecting Video Camera
  • Bank Token Number Display with Voice
  • Solar Based Traffic Light Control System
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Gesture Controlled Robot
  • Face identification system
  • Jarvis prototype
  • Gesture Controlled Laptop/PC
  • Propeller Clock
  • Quadcopter
  • Eye Controlled Laptop/PC using MATLAB
  • Mind Controlled Robot
  • Touch screen phone using GLCD

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