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How GPS TRACKERS can protect your vehicle from getting stolen ?

How GPS TRACKERS can protect your vehicle from getting stolen ?

Today vehicle thieves are hi-tech vehicle thieves. Today’s thieves understand the mechanism of car locking. Every 30 minutes a vehicle is being stolen in every cities. This means that more than 500 vehicles are stolen every day. Over 10% of the vehicles were recovered by the police, as per the reports. More than 60% of the vehicles stolen last year were two-wheelers like motor cycle and scooty.

The police said that fewer parking spaces in residential areas were the reason for the vehicle thefts. Indifference towards the thefts of vehicles by the owners was another reason. The police also said that vehicle owners were reluctant to buy safety devices for their cars. Now a better and more effective security system has been introduced. This is the GPS tracking technology system.

There are many companies like Autronicals, who manufacture GPS tracking systems. These GPS tracking systems are based on SMART IOT Technology. GPS Trackers provides you Real Time Tracking of your vehicles. There are many features which are very useful for fleet and vehicle owners:



 – Real Time Tracking

 – Engine (Acc) On-Off Alert

 – Vehicle Door Open-Close Alerts

 – Remotely Stop the vehicle (Cut-Off via Relay)

 – AC Running Hours

 – Emergency SOS Alerts

 – Fuel Level / Temperature Detection

 – Two way communications

 – Geo-Fencing, Power Cut-Off, Over-speeding alerts etc

 – Route Playback, Odometer, KMS reports etc.


The GPS tracker door alarm alerts on mobile phone when someone opens the door of vehicle. The special GPS Software application displays an alert notification. To prevent the theft, the vehicle owner can immediately turn off the car engine from anywhere just by one tap which is known as immobilize. The owner can also identify the location of his vehicle. The owner can immediately inform the local police.

The Autronicals GPS tracker also has a two way communication system. The owner and vehicle driver can talk to each other. So do not hesitate to keep the gps trackers installed in your vehicles. It is going to secure your vehicles. You don’t need to go anywhere, company’s technician come to  your location to and install the GPS trackers in your vehicles.

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