Home Automation devices

Automate your home appliances and control from anywhere

Automate your home appliances with mobile.

Luxury home automation is an indispensable part of modern home to give it a luxurious look and feel. It was not face of everyday life. Today it is, though gradually. Home automation provide improved comfort convenience, energy efficiency and security.A world where the real, digital and the virtual are converging to create smart environments that make energy, transport, cities and many other areas more intelligent. A device becomes smart device is called IOT. Now a days there are many android and server based applications. It refers to a wireless network between objects, usually the network be wireless and self-configured such as household appliances or it enables the Internet to reach out into the real world of physicals objects.

It improves the resource utilization ratio and forms an intellectual entity by integrating human society and physical systems. This system will monitor sensors and send the present status to GUI or web server or android application through wireless communication and device will be controlled automatically. You can prefer for the following sensors:

  • Optical sensor
  • Ambient light sensors
  • Gesture sensor
  • Proximity sensors
  • Temperature sensor
  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • Touch sensors
  • Fingerprints sensor and many more.

Applications which can be performed based on these sensors and wireless modules are following:

  • Lighting of entire house.
  • Controlling appliances.
  • Security like monitoring doors and window.
  • Monitoring of weather.
  • Room temperature.
  • Attendance monitoring for colleges/ schools or corporate.
  • Garbage monitoring of society.



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