Line Follower Robotics

One Day FREE WORKSHOP on Line Follower Robotics

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Line Follower Robotics


Autronicals™ Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is offering workshop on Line Follower Robotics. In this workshop you will learn how to design a robot which is going to follow the track made by white or black color. Initially students will get to know about the atmega328 microcontroller programming and then after they will work on IR sensors to detect the track color. Once they will be able to detect the colors accordingly they can change the direction of rotation of motor to make the robot move in the desired direction as according to the track.

Workshop ContentWorkshop Duration 6 Hours

DayContent To be CoveredDuration
1First Session

  1. Overview of workshop
  2. Brief Introduction to Embedded System & Robotics
  3. Introduction to Atmega328 Microcontroller
  4. Introduction to register sets for Input/ Output Ports
  5. Software Installation
  6. Introduction to Embedded C Programming
  7. LED Interfacing using Atmega328 MCU
  8. Experiment 1: Led patterns
  9. Experiment 2: Task Assigned to students based on previous topic
  10. Working Principle of Motors
  11. Classification of Motors
  12. Interfacing of DC BO Motors
  13. Experiment 3: Drive a single DC motor in clock and anticlockwise using MCU
3 Hours
Lunch Break of 30 Minutes
Second Session

  1. Experiment 4: Assembling of Robot Chassis
  2. Experiment 5: Controlling the different directions of robot
  3. IR sensors interfacing using Atmega328 MCU
  4. Working Principle of IR Transmitter and Photodiode
  5. Experiment 6: Detection of IR
  6. Experiment 7: Detection of White & Black Track Surface
  7. Experiment 8: Line Follower Robot
3 Hours

Components to Be providedFor Practice Purpose Only

SL. No.ComponentsQuantity
1Atmega328 Development Board1
2USB Programmer1
3IR Sensor Module2
4DC BO Motor2
512 V DC Adapter1
6Robotic Chassis and screws1
7Connecting Wires1

Workshop Kit Cost: 1050  950 /-


Workshop Fee: 150 /- per student

Note:  Kits will be given only for experimental purpose in a group of 6 student and after the workshop it will be taken back if student do not want to purchase it

Workshop Prerequisites

  1. Students must know about electronics circuitry basics.
  2. Basic of programming in C language.
  3. There must be atleast one laptop/PC in group of 5 students
  4. Windows platform will be preferred.

Workshop Video