GPS Tracking System

Track Anything, Anywhere

GPS Tracking System

Now a days, tracking devices are playing a vital role in our life to keep safe your precious things. We are proving the tracking devices as according to the material you want to secure. These tracking devices are operating on GPS which can locate your device status on web server and on the mobile application. As in our daily life we are so much busy to do our work and we usually forget the wallet, keys or the phone. Don’t worry about the size of the device because we have designed this in very small size and you can easily keep it with your belongings.You can use the customized webpage as according to the devices you require. Following are the features:

  • Real Time Location
  • Overall Distance travelled
  • Ignition Alerts
  • Remotely Engine Cut-Off
  • AC Running Hours
  • Door Open /Close Alerts
  • Supported with Vehicles
  • Supported with Mobile phones
  • Can track any type of vehicle
  • Can be attached with keys as a key ring(by using portable trackers).



Client: Automobile Companies,End User

Support Network: PAN INDIA

Where to use: Vehicle, Assets, Kids, Elders, Pets

Application availability: Android, iOS, Web


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